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Leed Certification

Leed Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

LEED certification is the world's most popular and most reliable Green Building Certification system. A scoring system, developed for the major criteria for sustainable design with LEED and The United States Green Building Council USGBC (U.S. Green Building Certification Institute), is applied to the construction of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings.

LEED certification provides guidance for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of a standard system. Building owners and operators must ensure that projects meet practical standards of operation and maintenance in regards to health, environmental friendliness, and economical and profitable operation expenditures in order to qualify for the LEED Green Building Rating System for environmentally sustainable building design and construction.

GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) examinations are administered by certified candidates: a "LEED Accredited Professional" or a "LEED Green Associate" who has been recognized and authorized to work as a consultant.


Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn

The Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel’s building layout and design process took inspiration from the surrounding ecosystem in order to comply with the LEED criteria.

To support the local economy, and in order to prevent environmental pollution and reduce fuel consumption, 30% of the construction materials were taken from local sources and another 30% comprised recycled materials. The actual shape of the building has been designed with its solar panel array in mind, to maximize exposure to solar radiation, generating enough solar energy to provide hot water for 6 months of the year thus providing the maximum benefit of the sun.

To reduce water consumption, the hotel features low water consumption landscaping areas with plants that are local and adapted to environmental conditions. Utilizing an efficient system for irrigation, 70% greater water savings were achieved.

A first for the world, The Hilton brand has employed a "100% non smoking" approach; with LEED specifications soon to adopt the same criterion, the "100% non smoking practice" has been applied at the Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel.

The hotel is one of just 15 hotels that have LEED Gold certification in the world according to the assessment criteria you can find below the main headings of this page.


Sustainable Land and Fields

By the end of construction the elimination of pollution, measures to prevent the erosion of fertile soil, public transportation projects, and plentiful parking and bicycle spaces ensure the protection of natural life.


Efficiency of Water Usage

The use of rainwater ensures water savings of 40% and toilets use less water to help the conservation of resources.


Energy and Athmospher

Energy savings of 30-50% via utilization of solar energy, the design of the building to maximize the exposure to sunlight, the HVAC system, the use of automation systems all of which reduce energy costs and ensure energy efficiency.


Materials and Resource

Materials used are of the highest quality and natural. Recyclable waste collection and the re-use of recourses minimize consumption.


Interior Quality

Providing high indoor air quality, different thermal comforts and an adjustable lighting system.


Innovation in Design

Develop criteria for LEED designs to be included in new applications that may benefit the environment.


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