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Urban Renewals

Amplio's renewal and regeneration projects, which not only consist of a physical transformation, work on the principle that social, economic, cultural and ecological regulations should be considered as a whole. For this reason it develops sustainable, environmentally sensitive projects, which allow for recycling and smart savings, and in doing so has adopted international standards, operating practices and certification.

Amplio believes and focuses on the Golden Horn region, on urban renewal projects, combining a traditional neighborhood approach with the needs of modern life; it develops special concepts intertwined with a different, environmental approach to the design concept. Amplio has created the perfect destination for anyone wishing to live in the heart of İstanbul. The urban regeneration projects overlooking The Golden Horn, with its proximity to the arts and social centers, provide a whole host of facilities together in one place. By combining the landscape, water and green areas of the Golden Horn, Amplio will continue to make a difference with these projects.


The Golden Horn

Istanbul, is a marvelous city...

Istanbul, at the meeting point of East and West, is in a unique position in the world and a bridge between civilizations and the intersection of the continents of Europe and Asia. This unique city with fertile lands has hosted hundreds of cultures throughout history and, having been fed by these cultures, it has got richer in every way throughout the ages. The ideas, art and settlements combined with these lands continue to be the source of inspiration. Just as for Amplio...

The Ottomans, like the Byzantines before them, chose the southern peninsula of the Golden Horn as their center and accelerated the development of the city. Being the capital of the empire and an important natural harbor, at the intersection of the ancient trade routes throughout the centuries, the heart of this city beat at the Golden Horn. The color gold is the symbol of fertility and sunshine. Because of the shining in the magnificent sunlight, the area was given the name 'Golden Horn' and shaped İstanbul's historical and cultural values for centuries. The Golden Horn today is also named the "The Golden Horn Valley of Cultural Arts"; it has great importance from historical, cultural and commercial points of view.

Santralistanbul, İstanbul Bilgi University, Haliç Congress and Exhibition Centre, Hilton Garden Inn İstanbul Golden Horn Hotel, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Miniaturk Open Air Museum, Bulgarian Church, National Archive, Pierre Loti Hill, Rahmi M. Koc Museum, Feshane International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Rezan Has Museum and Kadir Has University are some of the valuable projects in the region


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